What do you want to hear about in a Rap or Hip Hop song?

As a genuine creator of lyrics and beats, I would like to know, what is it that you as a Rap or Hip Hop fan would like to hear in song.  If you're going through hard times, tell me about it! If you are in love, tell me about it! if there is anything on your mind and you want me to write a song about it, tell me about it!

 I am doing something no rapper has ever done before, instead of looking at his or her own life, I would like to cater to the issues that are in your life and create music that can bring a smile to your faces!

HipHop's true Revival! Home Sweet Home, The Debut! Release Date?

When is the Release Date for 00Slater's Debut Album, Home Sweet Home?

...This is the question we're all waiting for! Here in the 007Records' Blog is where you will find out first!

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